Uranium quietly up $7.00
Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 5:40AM
Uranium Stocks in Uranium
The nuclear fuel moves up so often these days that it appears to have almost lost its news worthy appeal.

Now at $72.0, our target of $200.0 becomes less ridiculous with each tick of the uranium clock.

We have a number of new stocks under surveillance, which we will reveal shortly with or without a buy recommendation. We need to bear in mind that in any bull market the opportunists come out of the woodwork with a world-beating story and a nice office in Vancouver. Some of these companies will never put a spade in the ground and will be long gone with your money before this ride is over.

Before you buy a stock make a checklist of the characteristics that you believe are essential for a company to be successful and then apply it to your particular target. If it is a low score then think again.

Stocks such as MGA, Laramide, Fronteer have it all in our humble opinion and will remain as part of the foundation stones for this portfolio. Some smaller, more risky stocks will be included soon, be we do not intend to invest in hundreds of stocks in the hope that one of them goes to the moon. We just want to make money.

Stick with it there is a long way to go.

Happy Christmas.

20 December 2006

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