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FRG is now showing a decent paper profit so the question that we must consider is whether to take a profit or not?

If we look at our original article about Fronteer you can see that we were buyers at $4.70 on the 14th July 2006.

FRG closed on Friday at $6.50, this rise in the stock price equates to a paper profit of 38.09%

The chart is clearly giving us some overbought signals as you can see.


However there are a myriad of other influences to take into consideration including the upcoming US elections that in our opinion have played a part in keeping gold in check. This in turn has an effect on FRG, as it is both a gold and a uranium play. These elections will be over in less then 2 weeks time so it may be wise to stay with this uranium stock.

Back to the chart: it looks to us that we could take a short term profit at this point and buy back in when the price corrects to around the $5.50 level. We know that this is only a difference of one dollar and question the wisdom in chasing such a move! The stock price does appear to have support at its own 50DMA so that is where we think this small correction will end.

Thoughts: We could sell half of our holdings in FRG on Monday at $6.50 and hold onto the other 50% just in case we have timed this move incorrectly. We are of the firm belief that this stock has a long way to go and FRG is in our humble opinion a serious takeover target, so coming out is fraught with risk. However the indicators point to a correction and on this occasion we are considering how to play it.

So there we are, the stage is set for a good ding-dong in this office on Monday morning.

If you have a view on this situation then please feel free to fire it in to us.

As always don’t go too mad either way with any one stock.

Sleep tight and relax this just may give you a chuckle.

28 October 2006

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Reader Comments (2)

I have been enjoying your site for a month now. I am a subscriber to The Dines Letter for the past 13 months, so you know where I stand. I can say that I have been researching everything I can about Uranium and find this bull market fascinating. But I wish to give all the credit to TDL, as I would have made many disasterous decisions. Regarding your site, I guess it is time-consuming to write longer, more in-depth articles, but I enjoy your fresh perspective. Keep up the good work.

February 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBob

Glad to see that you enjoy our meager attempts at understanding this market. Also you are doing as much reading as you can fit in, which is an absolute must in our opinion and James Dines he's got to be one of the best financial letter writers around.
Keep sending your comments, they are of great benefit to the other readers and add some balance to this debate, the mother of all Bull Markets, appearing on a screen near you, in green, right now!

February 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBob

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